Fuji Scène Francophone

Macbeth & Lady Macbeth

By William Shakespeare
Macbeth & Lady Macbeth  

  Our performance for this season is over with a huge succes. We would like to thank our partners who support us, and especially those of you who came to see us at Takadano-baba. Good comments are coming from all around us. We intend to post a lot of excellent photos of the play, so visit us again soon! Please don't forget our Facebook and youtube. See you later!

Resumé : A Bloody tragedy, a brutal tale of a cursed couple, "Macbeth & Lady Macbeth" emphasizes the combined and fatal effects of couple's perverse ambition. He, glorious general, victorious in a war, meets the Wayward Sisters who predict that he will ascend the throne. This supernatural solliciting, cannot be ill, cannot be good (however unnatural it may be), he interprets it against the use of Nature. She, a fiery temptress and an accomplice encourages him and prepares daggers to commit the irremediable murder of Duncan, the king of Scotland. Blood will have blood, the unnatural leads back to Nature. He, a frail humanity sinks into a bloodthirsty fury, before plunging head-on into evil. She, undaunted (temperament) retreats into an imaginary madness, imploring at first the evil by a strange desire: Unsex-me! A Shakespearean neologism, a postmodern feminism which unbalances the play, disorientates the relation of sexual difference/power and activates the doxa female/male, maternity/virility, good/evil. At the end, damnation, guilt and fury rest on both sexes in an universal chaos.




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